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9th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X


Robert B. Lisek


Institute for Research in Science and Art, Wroclaw, Poland

Karolína Kotnour


Faculty of Architecture, CTU, Prague, Czech Republic

Keywords: Environment, Evolutionary Strategy, Flow, Intelligence, AI, Immersion

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Since the candles are lit, To Pray without Ceasing generates a prayer. A Tweet is placed upon the altar using Twitter’s oEmbed API.

Suprasymmetry is a project that deals with AI and dynamic immersive environments. I use neural networks to explore non-euclidean geometries and sound spatialization. I have developed machine learning methods that extend granular and pulsar synthesis in composing and new methods of building and transforming virtual environments. I was particularly interested in the problem of presence and flow in virtual environments. The project proposes a new strategy for creating evolving structures based on the idea of adaptation to a dynamically changing environment and with the use of advanced machine learning and AI methods. The evolving architecture uses physical and virtual processes that are transformed and assembled into structures based on environmental properties and capabilities. The project investigates a living dynamic system as a complex set of natural and cultural sub-processes in which each of the interacting entities and systems creates complex aggregates. It deals with natural processes, communication flows, information networks, resource distribution, dense noise masses, a large group of agents and their spatial interactions in the environment. By significantly expanding existing research, the project creates a meta-learning model useful for testing various aspects of adaptation to a complex dynamic environment. This refers to the difficulty of designing artificial agents that can intelligently respond to evolving complex processes.

Artist Presentation