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9th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X

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Mežs / Forest

Rihards Vitols


DXARTS, Seattle, USA

Keywords: Forest, AI, Machine Learning, Trees, Biodiversity, Speculative Art, Global Climat Change

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Screenshot of a selected tree for a closer look accompanied with its species soundscape

The techno-ecologies concept which implies the integrated view on the interconnection of technology and ecology in providing the needed resources in the present world; my work is intended as a comment on the effects of the Anthropocene on the environment. Mežs looks at critical environmental challenges and how we can speculate on how nature might look in the future. Speculating on the future of forests; it proposes new computer-generated species of trees and traces their habitats by composing the soundscapes that surround them. The research will explore the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms in generative art. The project investigates how these algorithms can generate audiovisual and textual material that can form the basis of the artwork itself.

The outcome consists of a series of three artworks: an interactive online archive of trees and their soundscapes, a time-based work envisioning the world with the new tree species introduced, and an interactive book – an archive of the previously generated materials.

Artist Presentation