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9th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X

Latent Spaces

Tasos Asonitis


University of Manchester, UK

Keywords: Visualization, Sonification, Data, Aesthetics, Algorithm, Process, Object, Clustering

Artwork screenshot.

Snapshot from Connectedness

For a long time, artists have attempted to capture data relationships from the world that surrounds us and place them in aesthetic discourse. Latent Spaces is an audiovisual piece that converges with this significant body of work as much as it diverts from it. Instead of using data in a way to reflect the physical world, it deals with data as an autonomous observable object. In this context, the question “what does data represent” becomes irrelevant. The focus is shifted to the hidden spaces data can exhibit. Seeking to explore these spaces, the work uses visualization and sonification techniques of algorithmic processes. It hopes to discuss aesthetics not in terms of data sources but in terms of data dynamics.

Artist Presentation