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9th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X

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As if They Were Flowers: A Virtual Multimodal Exhibition

Alyssa Aska

Composer, Graz, Austria

Alisa Kobzar

Composer and Media Artist, Graz, Austria

Alexander Kremser

Web Designer and Artist, Graz, Austria

Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka


Independent researcher & artist, Graz, Austria

Daniele Pozzi

Sound and Media Artist, Graz, Austria

Keywords: Artistic Research, Autonomous Systems, Exhibition, Virtual Worlds

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Artwork image

Autonome Systeme (AS) is a sound and media art project hosted and carried out 2020-2021 by the Graz-based platform for net art mur.at. The project questions the positioning of systems with 'autonomous qualities' in music and art making. It engages with the liminalities between autonomy and automation, whole and parts, observer and observed, systems and environments, and looks for the artistic affordances of the space in between them. AS culminates with an exhibition in July 2021 that gathers artworks developed by a group of five young artists confronting these themes. Under the title as if they were flowers, the exhibition will feature various types of artefacts in both the sound and visual domains that are presented physically in an art space in Graz as well as online in a dedicated virtual reality environment.

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We would like to mention and thank also Pablo Marina, who joined the project team later on.