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9th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X

Comb Machine: The Regulation of Hair

Zoe Li


Shenzhen, China

Keywords: Computer Vision, Installation, Machine, Robotic Art, Computational Art

Artwork image
Artwork image
Artwork image

She, the hair entity with wheels, is offered a certain degree of freedom. She wanders around as she wants and remains free, until summoned by the comb machine. The artist displays an installation to demonstrate an institutional system. The institutional system shows an interactive relationship between two parties, in which a ruled party has a certain degree of freedom in a power relation, if she obeys the principles formulated by the ruling party. In the installation, the ruling party is a comb machine, whereas the ruled party is a hair entity with wheels. The hair entity with wheels can wander around till the comb machine rings the bell for the sake of regulating her behaviors. However, the conduct of combing is not necessarily for the aim of tidying her hair, thus she may leave with messy hair. After all, she gets her freedom till the next bell ringing.

Artist Presentation