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Approaches for Flute, Alto Flute and Interactive Violin Automaton

Karl F. Gerber


Independent Practitioner, München, Germany

Keywords: Interactive, Automaton, Distancing, Violin, Flute

Even before the Corona Pandemic became known, I had the idea for an interactive piece with my violin automaton. One of the parameters for the communication was the distance of the player to the apparatus. Striking coincidence with social distancing and loneliness during lockdown. The title of the work has a double meaning: musical and physical approach of the flautist to the automaton.

On the one hand, the interactive system with the violin automaton represents a flexible improvisation system for the flutist. On the other hand, it is an enigmatic labyrinth in which the performer moves. The flutist assumes a responsibility for controlling the machine; in addition to making sense of her improvisation, the sound of the flute. Soloist Ms Karina Erhard was involved in the process of composition and technical optimization for months and provided valuable contributions. The piece is dedicated to her. The use of technology is rather playful and does not compare to robotics. The automaton allows extended sounds and rhythms by means of three bows, vibrato, percussion on the strings and ponticello. New sounds emerge from conflict rhythms between vibrato and tremolo. The offered video shows with many close-ups the interactions of the duo partners.

Artist Presentation