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9th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X

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Speak, Pen: A (non)-Instructional Performance

Yuzhu Chai


Keywords: Instrument, Concrete Poetry, Visual Poetry, Collaboration, Language, Narrative, Storytelling, Community building, Platform

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3 types of brushes from Speak, Pen

Speak, Pen is a web-based art tool programmed in JavaScript. It’s a drawing tool that replaces the traditional paintbrush with custom text inputs. Users are free to use text on the canvas to make visual poetries, interactive drawings, and performances, etc. Created during a radical tool workshop, the work explores the materiality of text, and ways in which users experiment with text beyond its semantic functions. A (non-)Instructional Performance is a live drawing performance combined with vocal narration. Presented as a series of “tutorials”, the performance explores the possibilities of using Speak, Pen while unfolding the theories and story behind its creation.

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